Celia Adams, Managing Director

Time with business:  Since the beginning!

What do you love about Bath Cake Company?

“It's a very inspirational place to be - everyone in the team brings something different and we all inspire each other with ideas and our creativity.”

What is the best cake you have ever created?

“I loved the Indian Elephant I made as my first entry to Cake International, definitely a challenge but I learnt so much.”

Contact: Are you planning your wedding and ready to chat all things cake? Call me on 01225 446094 to book your complementary wedding cake consultation and tasting.


Zulekhá, Sales and Marketing Manager

Time with business: 3 years

Do you have a signature bake?

“It's probably my vanilla bean cheesecake. It’s a family favourite and great for all seasons because you can switch it up with different decorations and fruit.”

What do you love about Bath Cake Company?

“The team at Bath Cake Company are amazing! Everyone is so friendly and great at what they do - it’s the perfect recipe for a happy day at work!”

Contact: If you'd like to chat about ordering a celebration cake or booking onto a class, then give me a call on 01225 446094.


Sarah B, Baker

Time with business: 5 years

What do you love about Bath Cake Company?

“The best thing about BCC is the team I get to work with, and I also love the focus we all have on the quality of what we produce – for me it's using the best ingredients and still baking cakes the way we do at home – by hand, from scratch!”

What would people be surprised to know about you?

“I was brought up in Fiji, and until I was about 12 (when we moved to freezing cold England), I was training to become an Olympic swimmer.”


Nicole, Trainee Baker/Cake Decorator

Time with business: 1 year

What is the best cake you have ever created?

“I think one of the best cakes I’ve created is my eldest sister’s 18th birthday cake - it was the first cake I had ever made and by far one I am most proud of.”

If you were a cupcake, what would you be?

“I would probably describe myself as a red velvet cupcake as it has the element of surprise.”

Sarah F

Sarah F, Cake Decorating Teacher

Time with business: 7 months

Apart from making (and eating) cake what do you enjoy doing?

"I enjoy making sugar flowers the best and being able to be part of peoples celebrations through cake!"

What is the best cake you have ever created?

“It's a Alice in Wonderland meets steampunk wedding cake with corset, top hat and edible newspaper printed roses.