Our Guarantees

We know how important it is that your celebration cake or wedding cake is perfect and you have a great time on our classes. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure your experience with Bath Cake Company is the best it can be, by guaranteeing you this...


Coming on a class? We GUARANTEE that you will gain confidence and have lots of fun learning new skills.

If we haven’t fulfilled these expectations then you're welcome to a complementary, 2 hour 121 lesson with Celia on a skill of your choice.

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Coming on a class? If a class is cancelled we GUARANTEE that you will receive a FULL refund within 15 working days.

(Since opening our cake decorating school we haven’t cancelled a single class thanks to our amazing team of experienced teachers).

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Having a celebration cake or wedding cake delivered? We GUARANTEE it will be delivered on time. If not, we will refund you £5 for every hour that it is late* (FYI we have never been late).

*up to a maximum of £50

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